After studying painting, drawing and sculpture, Denise Wynbrandt – a multi-talented artist herself – entered the prestigious Pivot Point School of Cosmetology to work in the performing arts field.

Her first projects were as a stylist for photo shoots and appearances for local bands. Her talents and reputation within the music scene gained substantial renown and when Prince started his 1999 tour, she successfully served as hairstylist and makeup artist to him and his band. During the six-month tour, Ms. Wynbrandt made considerable use of her cosmetology skills; apart from the concert tour, seven music videos were made on which she also consulted on wardrobe. This invaluable experience sealed her love affair as a stylist “behind the camera.”

According to Ms. Wynbrandt: “It’s a beautiful art form with many creative people behind the scenes…all of us aiding the artist to project his or her vision. I love being part of that team.”

In addition to music videos, she has worked extensively on over 20 films – including such titles as High Fidelity, 1408, Barbershop and The Ice Harvest – along with numerous television commercials, live performances and print productions. Today, Ms. Wynbrandt’s talents are sought after by many A-list actors/actresses, musical performers, athletes, politicians and production companies demanding highly discerning and impeccable make-up and hairstylist work.

Whatever the exposure needed to make a film, commercial or photo shoot a success, Ms. Wynbrandt possesses boundless creative capabilities of only the highest of standards to draw out the heartbeat of the individual artist to engage his/her audience.